My passion for raising children of faith led me many years ago to doing deep research into African parenting in UK. I found out that some African parents in UK are having serious social issue when it comes to parenting. I realised that some of the parents struggle to raise children of Christian faith within their cultural environment without breaking the legal requirement setup by the UK government to protect minor.

See statistics below:
All children looked after, Years ending 31 March 2012 to 2016. (African children only)

Year Figure (Children)
2012 2110
2013 2090
2014 2220
2015 2520
2016 2860

*** A child who is being looked after by their local authority is known as a child in care. They might be living: with foster parents. at home with their parents under the supervision of social services. in residential children’s homes***

My research opened my eyes to the fact that as Christian parents we need REVELATION not REPETITION of the past to stop the increase in children in care problem we are currently facing.
To support parents, I hold talks with group of parents discussing areas that they need to improve on, to develop excellent, meaningful relationship in a loving Christian environment with their children. In this kind of environment most issues if not all can be resolved.
We discuss many issues, but some of the ones that are mandatory are as follows:
a�? Communication that works: This is a great problem in most African family.
a�? Dispute Resolution: Win Win Result
a�? Insight into the power of social services in UK
a�? Culture backslash
a�? Respect my space (Teenage Life)

Outcome: most parents once theya��ve realised the areas they need to work on, apologise to their children and then agree on positive steps to improve their relationship.

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